The health of the people is really the foundation upon which all their happiness and all their powers as a state depend. ~ Benjamin Disraeli, 1877

A Therapeutic & Relaxation Massage Provider

Re-Member Massage is a provider of advanced massage services in the Portland, Oregon metropolitan area.  The company is owned and operated by Nanci Williams, LMT 14787

T a k e    C a r e    o f    t h e    B o d y    Y o u    L i v e    In

A Word from Nanci

If only an instruction guide on how to be with our body in a way that allows for the most ease and grace and health over time came attached to us at birth.

Helping change the “healthcare” story as it is currently understood is the greatest service in the field of alternative healthcare. In my practice I do not merely treat my clients' symptoms, but educate them in the process of healing as well. I feel it is essential to deepen my clients’ awareness of the mind/body/life relationship, so that they can expand their own sense of well being and engage in authentic natural healing. I begin the process of helping my clients evoke change in themselves with gentle observation and awareness practices that help them pay attention to their patterns of holding tension.* This embodiment coaching process also includes therapeutic massage, energetic anatomy attunement and bodywork that brings relief to the areas of the body needing attention as well as efficient movement and awareness practices that shift the underlying current state of affairs. Awareness developed through such coaching and therapeutic touch allows for authentic personal transformation and development.

Please look at the following pages on this site for specific therapeutic bodywork offerings.  In a nutshell, I offer:

Holistic Pelvic Care™ 

Orthopedic massage

Pregnancy massage 

Relaxation massage and guided meditation 

Breath work and recovery

Hand and foot reflexology

Acupressure and Meridian Chain


Abdominal and organ massage

Lymphatic drainage for stage I and II

TMJ syndrome bodywork

Scar tissue healing

Postural awareness and alignment practices

Movement therapy

Energetic anatomy / Emotional body / Chakra  recalibration

Rehabilitation from physical and emotional trauma via the above and 
Qigong Principle embodiment explorations, phycho-somatic energy arts and harmonizing polarities

Life and Business coaching through Qigong Qi Dao Coaching:  principle embodiment and awareness practices that lead to expanded consciousness in values/beliefs/needs and actionable change within the person and without their life.

Personal and Professional development for Touch Therapists, Psychologists, Counselors, Mental Health Practitioners, Healthcare professionals, Spiritual practitioners, Pilates, Yoga and athletic instructors.

Basic smart massage in a non-judging trusted space by Nanci, who happens to love people very much.

Feel free to read a little about the most crucial and health changing offering, along with touch therapies,of Qi Dao principle embodiment philosophy and practice below:

"Qigong Coaching via Qi Dao represents the “missing link” between the modern body-oriented Somatic Therapies and ancient Shamanic healing, working with the whole human being. Our ancient holistic tradition not only addresses the issues on the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels, but also balances all these levels. With practice, we learn to pay attention to the whole spectrum of spontaneous processes occurring in the human being." Lama Somananda Tantrapa

*Discover for yourself the principles of energy awareness that underlie all qigong, yoga, athletic and movement forms and styles.  Learn to embody effortless movement by learning to feel the flow of energy in and around your body, versus conforming to another form. 

Through Dream Yoga and QiDao principles, you will improve the quality of your personal, professional and athletic life through understanding and experiencing the dynamic nature of the energies of the human body, mind, and spirit. These practice develop your flexibility, precision, strength and flow in all current physical and creative practices.

Ultimately, the practice of this no-form principle embodiment qigong is dedicated to empowering you to perceive the flow of energy and to find harmony with the flow of life. When in the flow, you will become more aware of your true nature and receptive to the inner guidance, so that you can enjoy natural health and healing." You will find more on this throughout my site.

Take Care of the Body You Live In

-Nanci Williams