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Breast Tissue Lympatic drainage

posted Jul 21, 2014, 3:55 PM by Nanci Williams   [ updated May 4, 2015, 2:21 PM ]
Besides Holistic Pelvic Care; the other newer service is breast tissue lymphatic drainage.  My females are raving about the "Lightness of Chest", greater ease in shoulder and neck movement, as well as thyroid/face/sinus drainage relief.  Just because there is a common belief that our chest tissues naturally have sticky gum-like patches as part of their anatomy; does not mean it is true, normal or healthy for the body.  Meaning, before the advent of bras, which restrict lymphatic drainage at crucial lymphatic drainage areas, sitting and low level arm movement (think typing, reading, crochet, little overhead reaching) our tissues drained themselves fairly well. Our current wardrobe and low-physical practices are what have created "normal lumpy breasts" as the expected physical experience.  Bras are helpful, and sometimes essential.  Our daily life is, well, what it is.  So, to keep our chest tissues well hydrated, drained and healthy we need to do a little work ourselves so the back-up of blocked interstitial fluids do not become stagnant and create lumpy chewy-gum dehydrated areas of tissue. There is freedom from stagnation for total tissue health. Yea!

This type of LDM is not quite as gentle as superficial dry skin brushing, but is less deep than organ/belly  lymphatic drainage.