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About Nanci Williams

Credentials and Certifications
Licensed Massage Therapist: State of Oregon (#14787)
Member, American Massage Therapy Association

  • Massage Program Completion Diploma, East West School of Massage, Portland, Oregon: 801 hour program
  • Graduate studies at Oregon College of Oriental Medicine
              • Focus Areas: Chinese Medicine: Herbs, Acupuncture, Tuina Massage
  • Qi Dao Studies 2011 - Current
    • Bachelors of Arts: Pacific University (Forest Grove, OR)
              • Majors: International Studies and Communication, Political Science, Modern Language
I have deeply studied multi-cultural and traditional approaches to health, health-science, wellness, nutrition and exercise since 2001. I have been an active licensed massage therapist since 2008. I have over 2,500 education units dedicated to therapeutic, effective and ethical physical medicine. 

I chose the field of touch therapy because of my passion for wellness and my desire to help expand our society’s constrained perceptions of healthcare. My interest in non-allopathic healthcare started as a young adult when I learned that food, herbs, massage/bodywork, meditation and mindful movement were considered medicine in many cultures. I further studied the relationships between the mental, emotional and physical states of the human body and how they could impact one another. The field of massage resonated with me due to my own healing response to human touch. Through therapeutic bodywork and energetic work, I have improved my own mobility, healed from surgery and emotional distress, lessened my pain and, in some intangible way, have become more connected to my own sense of being through attention. I have learned that a byproduct of attention is a greater awareness of one’s own intentions, actions and the empowering choices available to engage with life and our body in a more complete, purposeful and effective way.

                    -Nanci Williams 12/21/2014