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Recommended Service Providers

Sunset Healing Arts Center

 Located in Portland, Oregon, we are a multi-disciplinary clinic dedicated to bringing you the very best in Complementary and Alternative Medicine. We are a clinic of independent providers working together to provide you with the best, most-effective health care in a comfortable, private, and relaxing setting.

Lama Somananda Tantrapa -  Academy of Qi Dao If you are looking for a no-form, non-mechanical, foundational, physical education approach to understanding and engaging in whole body alignments, Qi (Ki) Gong, meditation or energy work, then this is the teacher for you.  I appreciate his multi-cultural framework yet firmly grounded way of teaching within his families’ Tibetan Shamanic Qi Gong and Systema practices.   Students are encouraged to test kinesthetic and mechanical principles that guide the discovery of the essence of their true nature, their relationship with ‘flow of life’, and their ability to strengthen and lengthen their body without stretch-reflex for maximum rehabilitation and wellness. He is a must have in the continuing education profile for intermediate and advanced yoga, qigong, martial, Pilates and athletic instructors. Another joy is that his dojo (training hall) is on the west side of Portland, in the heart of old-town Beaverton; and also at your office or home as well. You can reach him at tantrapa@gmail.com,or for more information go to:  http://www.qigongcoaching.com/.

http://www.curiousfarm.com; The Yummiest fermented veggies in town  and also descriptions of  classes, news about what she has available right now for folks who prearrange a time to swing by her very small farm for some goodness to take home.  From the chef:  "Everyone’s palate is different so I’m never sure if someone will like it.  I let it ferment for two months so that achieves a depth of flavor and a mellowing that many people like." Also, the three favorite flavors (Leek-Horseradish, Pink Lady, and Ginger Turmeric) are available all of the time at Food Front Co-op on NW Thurman Street, Portland, Oregon.

TherapyDia Beaverton  - A great physical therapy center that has won my trust on effectiveness, patient communication and appropriateness of therapeutic exercises.  They also take many forms of insurance and have multiple offices around town.

Willow Wood Cottage - A multi-disciplinary health center specializing in diversified Eastern Medicine, acupuncture,  nutrition, naturopathic and energetic approaches to benefit your health, wellbeing and longevity.

Ani Avidesians- A gifted medical intuitive and energy healer. Her goal is to help you to eliminate fear and to return your default setting to joy. Nothing of value is created from fear.

Results Driven Fitness - Tri-D Fitness is a top rated, premium fitness training and therapy center. Their fitness and therapy professionals work one-on-one with clients towards meeting individualized goals. Tri-D integrates functional exercise instruction, nutritional counseling, and various therapy modalities in order guide our clients towards health and fitness. 

Active LivingChiropractic  and HealthTouch Chiropractic  - Both are located in the Beaverton and nearby Hillsboro and Tigard, Oregon locations.  Both provide the most scientifically evidence-based care in a relaxed, warm, and caring atmosphere. Both approach each patient relationship with a conscious effort to earn their trust and friendship by bringing an unparalleled level of integrity, sincerity, and compassion to their care. We educate their patients not only on chiropractic treatments and options, but on nutrition and bio-mechanics as well.  Both teams' goals are to get you to a healthy, confident, and active place quickly.  Feel free to ask me directly about the slight distinctions.  I am very picky about my Chiropractic referrals, and these two definitely are the most excellent I have found thus far. Just check out the site, the testimonials and then make an appointment.

Northwest Health and Healing Center Corvallis, Oregon. My mother appreciates Dr. Sorah’s work with her.  After a couple sessions, she has less pain, is able to walk more comfortably and is more aware of her body and what was going on that was creating the issues in the first place. I respect any doctor who incorporates touch and massage into therapeutic chiropractic or naturopathic treatment.  If you are needing healing support in Corvallis, this healthcare center is a great place to check out.

EnergyUnbound - Kris McElhinney clears and balances life force energy through physical bodies (human and animal), chakras and physical space. When working with animals she is able to connect intuitively with the animal to help you better understand their thoughts and emotions.

Paula Byrne: http://somaspace.us/bios.html#paulabyrne"Enter the temple of your body. Drop into art-time and soul-space. Embrace your authentic movement. Write the whispers of your heart." She is a gifted form-free dance and movement facilitator and leader here in Portland, Oregon. I, Nanci, am a fan of form-free personal exploration and personal development that finds one authentically discovering and embodying their truth.

Hopsice – Providence Oregon

Palliative care is a health care program that focuses on helping patients who have advanced disease or chronic illness manage their pain and symptoms. They often have complex needs that require specialized care. Palliative care offers help in managing difficult symptoms; addressing the patient's changing needs and goals; coordinating care throughout the course of the illness; and accessing resources, support groups and information.

Hospice is a special kind of care tailored to meet the individual needs and desires of each patient and his or her family at the end of life. Providence Hospice addresses the needs of the whole person - including their physical, spiritual, emotional, social and family issues. Hospice care is provided by a specially trained and highly dedicated team, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, regardless of whether the patient lives in a private home, nursing home, assisted living or residential care facility or a foster home.