If I travel to your home or place of business then a $50 surcharge applies. If the commute is over 30 minutes, then $100 surcharge applies.

Advanced Therapeutic and Relaxation Massage
Qigong and Body Awareness Practices
Life and Business Personal Awareness and Development Coaching:

*May contain focused service within total massage treatment.

**Package Discounts available, see 'Package Pricing' form in Client Support and Forms tab
  • 60 minutes $120.00              
  • 90 Minutes $165.00    
  • 120 Minutes $200.00          

Focused Services that have different pricing than outlined already:
(Please see Services and Specialties for more Bodywork offerings)
*These all work well by themselves, or in conjunction with Physical Therapy, Chiropractic, Naturopathic, Acupuncture or Allopathic care.

  • Qigong and Body Awareness coaching ---Many clients enjoy a blend of massage and qigong principle embodiment training per regular hour or 90 minute session; others appreciate focused qigong movement therapy sessions every other bodywork session.  We can tailor for you specifically what is needed and what you are curious about. Many enjoy a commitment plan of 5 bodywork sessions and 5 principle embodiment qigong sessions at the discounted rate of 10% off individually priced sessions in a 5 or 10 'bodywork' sessions package.
  • Holistic Pelvic Care™ --- Initial Session is $165.  Just a few sessions, sometimes even one session, result in physical, emotional and energetic resolution and recovery.) Includes self care techniques and education.  Feel free to bring a trusted friend or witness. If under 18 years of age, then a Dr's referral to a Physical Therapist, MD, ND or DC will be required and I can help with that referral.)  This practice will help facilitate a healthy and strong and functioning pelvic bowl!  Yes, we can sneeze and not dribble.  Random tail-bone pain is no longer random or a pain. Our shape can come back after pregnancy. We can resolve stretch-weakness from cystoceles, rectoceles and other forms of tissue prolapse. This work also clears the energy of old patterns, trauma, lineage debris, and clears the way for a more informed and unencumbered experience. 
  • Foot or Hand Massage with Reflexology --- 30 minutes $60.00 Really helps us expand the function, strength and freedom of our hands and feet.  Great for assisting with trigger finger/toes, general hand/foot fatigue, sleep issues, twisted digits, 'carpal tunnel syndrome', arthritis, circulation disorders, pre/post surgery recovery and so much more.  **Most foot and hand therapy is greatly assisted with arm and shoulder work as well.  Feel free to explore and find out more!
  • Energetic Light Body and Emotional Body healing --- 60 minutes $120.00 (on or off location available, distance sessions available.) Also great before any big event: surgery, sports competition, marriage, performance, big decisions, and when you really want to facilitate energetic alignment with your self, your body, and the people/events in your life. Helps to release and resolve all that no longer serves.  Clears the energy of old patterns, trauma, lineage debris, and clears the way for a more informed and unencumbered experience.  
  • Massage Education General Healing Touch  for the Family  --- 90 minutes $200.00, does not include travel charges. 
  • Senior (65+) 10%
  • Public Health and Safety Employees 10% 
  • Package Discounts available; see 'Package Pricing' form in Client Support and Forms tab
  • Host an ‘At Home Health Day’  - Please call at least 30 days in advance to schedule this.

Gift Certificates Available
As a licensed health care provider, I do not expect tips.
Hour-long massages are 60 minutes - you receive the full soft hour

Forms of payment accepted ---- Cash or Check preferred, most Credit/Debit/HSA/FSA cards

  • Professional superbills to turn into insurance for reimbursement
  • Most HSA insurance cards now accepted
  • Auto insurance billing for motor vehicle accidents
    • (Requires MD, ND or DC prescription).

There is a $35.00 service fee for returned checks.
(*) All packages must be paid in advance