Advanced Therapeutic and Relaxation Massage
Qigong and Body Awareness Practices
Life and Business Personal Awareness and Development Coaching:

*May contain focused service within total massage treatment.

**Package Discounts available, see 'Package Pricing' form in Client Support and Forms tab
  • 60 minutes $120.00              
  • 90 Minutes $165.00    
  • 120 Minutes $200.00          
Hour-long massages are 60 minutes of actual touch - you receive the full soft 60/90/120 minute session so that the sessions can come to an organic and complete end that holds space for intake and qigong/movement/repatterning practices if desired.

*These all work well by themselves, or in conjunction with Physical Therapy, Chiropractic, Naturopathic, Acupuncture or Allopathic care.
Along with your massage and bodywork manual therapy session, you might also be interested in engaging with these healing offerings as well:
  • Qigong and Body Awareness coaching ---Many clients enjoy a blend of massage and qigong principle embodiment training per session; others appreciate focused qigong movement therapy sessions every other bodywork session.  We can tailor for you specifically what is needed and what you are curious about. Many enjoy a commitment plan of 5 bodywork sessions and 5 principle embodiment qigong sessions at the discounted rate of 5%-10% off individually priced sessions in a 5 or 10 'bodywork' sessions package.
  • Holistic Pelvic Care™ --- Initial Session is $165.  Just a few sessions, sometimes even one session, result in physical, emotional and energetic resolution and recovery.) Includes self care techniques and education.  Feel free to bring a trusted friend or witness. If under 18 years of age, then a Dr's referral to a Physical Therapist, MD, ND or DC will be required and I can help with that referral.)  This practice will help facilitate a healthy and strong and functioning pelvic bowl!  Yes, we can sneeze and not dribble.  Random tail-bone pain is no longer random or a pain. Our shape can come back after pregnancy. We can resolve stretch-weakness from cystoceles, rectoceles and other forms of tissue prolapse. This work also clears the energy of old patterns, trauma, lineage debris, and clears the way for a more informed and unencumbered experience. 
  • Foot or Hand Massage with Reflexology ---Really helps us expand the function, strength and freedom of our hands and feet.  Great for assisting with trigger finger/toes, general hand/foot fatigue, sleep issues, twisted digits, 'carpal tunnel syndrome', arthritis, circulation disorders, pre/post surgery recovery and so much more.  **Most foot and hand therapy is greatly assisted with arm and shoulder work as well.  Feel free to explore and find out more!
  • Energetic Light Body and Emotional Body healing ---(on or off location available, distance sessions available.) Also great before any big event: surgery, sports competition, marriage, performance, big decisions, and when you really want to facilitate energetic alignment with your self, your body, and the people/events in your life. Helps to release and resolve all that no longer serves.  Clears the energy of old patterns, trauma, lineage debris, and clears the way for a more informed and unencumbered experience.  
  • Massage Education General Healing Touch  for the Family  --- 90 minutes $200.00, does not include travel charges. 
  • Senior (65+) 
  • Public Health and Safety Employees 
  • Package Discounts available; see 'Package Pricing' form in Client Support and Forms tab
  • Host an ‘At Home Health Day’  - Please call at least 30 days in advance to schedule this. If I travel to your home or place of business then a $50 surcharge applies. If the commute is over 30 minutes, then $100 surcharge applies.
  • As a licensed health care provider, I do not expect tips.

*Gift Certificates Available*

Forms of payment accepted ---- Cash or Check preferred, most Credit/Debit/HSA/FSA cards

  • Professional superbills to turn in to insurance for reimbursement
  • FSA/HSA insurance cards now accepted
  • Auto insurance billing for motor vehicle accidents
    • (Requires MD, ND or DC prescription).

There is a $35.00 service fee for returned checks.
(*) All packages must be paid in advance