Brian Herzog, Oregon, 5/2018 
Pain Free Sleeping

David Lasocki, Oregon, 4/2017 

Instant Harmony

Nanci has a vast knowledge of the workings of the human body that make her sessions far superior to those of any other body worker I have experienced.

Kathy Scroggins Oregon, 1/2017
Changes in emotional and mental attitude have already impacted my body – I can see and feel the difference! Changing old patterns and exploring my femininity will definitely be the focus of 2017. Denying my feminine functions of menstruation, feminine body, and sexuality has been what I have lived.  With a new awakening and awareness of the mind-body connection I am reclaiming the feminine and discovering “how to read the physical and energetic patterns of her pelvic bowl and restore access to the full range of creative resources–this beauty and wildness within.” Tami Lynn Kent

Thank you, again, for the major part you have played in this transformation. Not only do you have magic hands, but you also are inspirational and motivational!"

Joyfully! Kathy

Kate Herold, D.C. Oregon, 4/2016

"Hey Nanci, Just wanted to let you know that I haven’t had any of my weird vision loss since our treatment! Stay tuned for further updates 😊 Thanks again for your brilliant work my dear! You are such an inspiration to me as I begin my own journey discovering how the body can heal!"

Paul Grubb’s video testimonial 2016 post three sessions.

Keith Hopkins' Foot Healing 2016: The top picture is what both feet looked like before treatment, and the lower picture is of the left foot post treatment.  No worries, we worked out tension patterns in the right as well.
Before and After foot therapy

Colleen Greco, Client, Oregon 2015 "My brain fog has reduced significantly since you last massaged my face and head; and my neck and shoulders feel great.  You were right that pressure in the head can hinder thinking. I feel much more able to think clearly, even at this old age...Thank you so much."

Jeri Rauh, Client, Oregon 2015 "My arm and shoulder are functioning so well. Thank you."

Jacki Wildenauer, Client, Oregon 2015 "That Counterstrain approach you did helped my back and my chest center and my ribs completely; even three weeks after your session and  a cold that included coughing did not affect the release and ease I feel.  Amazing." 

Deirdre Stephans, Client, Oregon 2015
“You provided safe touch and transforming practices that have allowed me to piece together the parts of myself that have been separated for so long now. It feels good to be one with myself again.  Who knew learning how to walk ‘soulfully’ would be so difficult, and so crucial to my next best evolution.”

Kristen L. Client, Oregon 2015

“Thank you for making the time for my appointment. I am now out of pain and it feels amazing! So great to be able to walk again.”

Eric Cooley, Client, Oregon 2015
"I have saved over $600 per year on athletic shoes now that I am no longer wearing them out due to poor alignment."


A stream of knowing

hands like water bubbling

with joy healing our bodies

teaching our souls, and

balancing our lives.  She

is a shimmering bowlful

of chi.

I have greatly benefited from Nanci’s wonderful healing therapies.  Her newest therapy, Holistic Pelvic Care™ massage is an incredible addition to her practice and is helping to relieve my hip pain.  She is unbelievably professional, informative, and caring in this therapy and every area of her practice. 

Sylvia Keller, Client, Oregon 2014

Simone Shipp, Client, Vancounver Wa.

"Working with Nanci is such a delight and a transformational experience. Her love and enthusiasm support the healing processes and shines through her entire work. I felt safe and cared for knowing she would help me find relaxation and healing. She is very well equipped with methods and techniques and knows when and what would work for each session.

Using pelvic therapy, we were able to address issues that I had around my hips and pelvic region for a minimum of 30 years. Actually I couldn’t even remember how it felt to be relaxed in the area of vagina and pelvic floor. This very gentle intimate technique helped me to truly relax muscles as she placed slight pressure and attention there. My cold knees and areas of my hips received a better blood flow and now they feel warmer, even after just experiencing ONE session with Nanci. She occurred very professional and attentive to any changes through the process which helped me to relax even more. After my pelvic therapy session with Nanci, I felt a huge energetic opening and shift in my personality. I felt more relaxed, open and easy going. My body adjusted for a couple of days and I enjoyed more restful sleep.  I now have more “tools” to help myself release any tension in my pelvic area because Nanci explained some approaches very well and simply enough so I can continue to heal myself.  I thank Nanci so much for her work, her wisdom that she shares freely and her loving and unconditional support. I totally recommend pelvic therapy and Nanci providing the service." January 2014

Dennis Lewis, Client, Oregon

"Nanci, I just want to say that you are the best! I'm seeing some huge changes already. Thank you so much for all your help."  July 2013

Muzzy Park, Client, Oregon
"I was just thinking about how much your bodywork has helped me: when I first came to you, it felt as if I was walking on a bone in my foot near my toes. Walking was so painful.  My knees were also not working very well due to surgeries.  Now, I feel like my foot is back to normal I can walk without any pain and my knees are much more mobile and healthy.  Thank you."  June 2013

U. Wagner, Client, Oregon

"Nanci, I can really tell how much better I felt when I was getting regular massages from you.  Now that I can only see you once in a while, my body is aching in ways that I had forgotten about. This experience reminds me of the powerful effect of receiving bodywork and my own personal care on my energy levels, my ease in my body and my mood.  Massage really helps me feel not so down in the dumps.  Thank you for being there, even when times get a bit rough." May 2013

C. Randy Thomas, L. Ac.
"I want you to know that I felt great all yesterday, last night, and this morning since our appointment yesterday. I have been tight since my 6 mile hike today, but seem to be recovering quicker than usual after my first hike of the season. So, thank you so much for the session yesterday, I got a lot out of it both physical, energetic, and spiritual.
You are wonderful!!"  April 2013

Vickie Greco, client, Oregon
I am so pleased that my right hip pain has not come back after just one massage session! The things you showed me that I can do for self-care, plus the bodywork, has really paid off.  Thank you and I look forward to learning the principles that will help me reclaim my balance, strength and overall health.  I am moved to really care about myself now."  March 2013

Tom, Client, Oregon

"Since I have been working with Nanci, I have noticed a pronounced difference in my posture.Before seeing her, I would hold down and have problems with slouching. Nanci has helped me improve my posture and alignment. She is a wonderful person and I would strongly recommend her to individuals seeking body work, especially musicians and people who use their body in a high performance capacity."  November 2012

 Angel Martin, Angel's Fit Body Bootcamp, Client, Oregon

"Nanci looks at you as whole not with issues in certain areas. My body and mind has never felt better after working with her." May 10, 2012

Dawn-Starr Crowther, L.Ac, LMT at Jade River Healing Arts Center (www.jaderiverpdx.com)

Awesome Massage and Bodywork.  Nanci Williams, LMT has been a provider in my clinic, Jade River Healing Arts Center, for more than two years, and has been a valuable addition to our team. She is utterly dedicated to her profession, has a wide skill set, and can get you out of pain...quickly. If you are looking for top quality massage, bodywork and structural integration, Nanci can help.  November 2012


posted Mar 6, 2010, 5:52 PM by Nanci Williams   [ updated May 4, 2015, 2:55 PM ]

Donnalee Baudry, LAc., Willow Wood Cottage (colleague)

“Nanci is brilliant. Everyone that I have recommended to her has returned to me with similar statements: "She knows her stuff", "I felt incredible relief'", 'I just love her, and thank you for recommending me to Nanci". From my perspective, she is technically profound, intuitively a genius, and her heart is wide open.” April 6, 2011

Austin Daniel, Licensed Massage Therapist, Lavender Stone Massage (colleague)

“Nanci is a wealth of knowledge with a strong intuition making both a thorough and effective massage. Instead of forcing the body to heal, her gentler approach works with the body. Very impressive work! She really makes massage her own art form!” April 6, 2011 

J. Whyte, Greater Portland Metro region, Oregon, 2011

Nanci brought my arm back from the dead. I unequivocally recommend Nanci to friends who have little aches or significant pain.

Due to herniated discs in my neck, I’d lost the feeling in my right thumb, other fingers were numb and I’d lost strength in my right arm. My right shoulder was in excruciating pain and sleeping was a struggle. After visiting the doctor and physical therapist, I was told that if the discs weren’t aligned soon and didn’t quit pinching my nerves, the numbing and weakness might become permanent. Following the physical therapist’s exercises didn’t relieve the pain nor help with the numbness and I refused to take steroid shots to relieve the tension around the discs.

Then during a 90 minute session with Nanci, the feeling came rushing back. Before beginning the massage therapy, Nanci asked probing questions about my pain and numbness, looked over my posture then began her massage. She took time to understand my history and my physical posture. It seemed odd that when she started, she didn’t go straight to the points of pain, but within 30 minutes I could feel a significant difference. By the time she was actually massaging the shoulder, arm and hand the pain had diminished significantly. What was most comforting for me was that I knew the discs quit pinching my nerves and it was not because of the doctor and not because of the physical therapist; the pinched nerves were cured by Nanci.

As an avid cyclist, soccer player and mountain climber, Nanci got my body aligned so well that I am back doing what I love. Praise and accolades for Nanci’s knowledge and ability; she put me back in the saddle, back on the soccer field, back on the mountain and back into a fun and productive lifestyle.

What people are saying...

posted Feb 14, 2010, 8:30 AM by Nanci Williams   [ updated Jul 4, 2013, 1:55 PM ]

"I wanted to tell you how excited I am with the last treatment.  My scar has not only flattened and less obvious, but my interior movement is so much better!  I wasn't aware just how much until I was doing my floor exercises yesterday and realized the crunches and side twists came easily for once in my lifetime!  I don't have the 'restricted' feeling that held me back from full movement.  I thank you for your time and energy on this area.  Looking forward to continuing the work."

Sallie Paulson, Greater Portland Metro region, Oregon, 7/4/2010

"How about you're the best. The only person to help me after my hip replacement. AWESOME"   
J.D.  Greater Portland Metro region, Oregon 5/6/2010

Nanci--You are so deeply perceptive and intuitive as you address my every ‘ache and pain’.  You ‘see’ so much as you feel and massage and you have taught me so much about my own body--how to keep it healthy.  You are fabulous--amazing--awesome!!  When can we do it again??”

Joyce, Greater Portland Metro region, Oregon 4/2010

"Nanci has an amazing touch!  She blends her loving energy work with her incredible knowledge of physiology and anatomy.  She knows right where to go on the body and how to work out the stiffness, inflammation, and tenderness.  She seamlessly incorporates a variety of techniques depending on the need at the time.  She has made a dramatic difference for me with lower back pain, hip pain and release of tightness and tenderness in my legs.  I am so grateful!!!"

Nadine, Greater Portland Metro region, Oregon 4/2010

"I had chronic headaches for years. My doctor had given me medicines to help, but nothing did help. During my massage with Nanci, I was able to feel the same headache pain even though she was nowhere near my head!  After a few long massages, I noticed that my headache pains have not come back.  They have not been back now for over 4 months. Per her request, I am now involved in massage and chiropractic work that is helping me in so many ways. Thank you!"
R. K., Corvallis, Oregon 2/2010


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