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posted Mar 6, 2010, 5:52 PM by Nanci Williams   [ updated May 4, 2015, 2:55 PM ]

Donnalee Baudry, LAc., Willow Wood Cottage (colleague)

“Nanci is brilliant. Everyone that I have recommended to her has returned to me with similar statements: "She knows her stuff", "I felt incredible relief'", 'I just love her, and thank you for recommending me to Nanci". From my perspective, she is technically profound, intuitively a genius, and her heart is wide open.” April 6, 2011

Austin Daniel, Licensed Massage Therapist, Lavender Stone Massage (colleague)

“Nanci is a wealth of knowledge with a strong intuition making both a thorough and effective massage. Instead of forcing the body to heal, her gentler approach works with the body. Very impressive work! She really makes massage her own art form!” April 6, 2011 

J. Whyte, Greater Portland Metro region, Oregon, 2011

Nanci brought my arm back from the dead. I unequivocally recommend Nanci to friends who have little aches or significant pain.

Due to herniated discs in my neck, I’d lost the feeling in my right thumb, other fingers were numb and I’d lost strength in my right arm. My right shoulder was in excruciating pain and sleeping was a struggle. After visiting the doctor and physical therapist, I was told that if the discs weren’t aligned soon and didn’t quit pinching my nerves, the numbing and weakness might become permanent. Following the physical therapist’s exercises didn’t relieve the pain nor help with the numbness and I refused to take steroid shots to relieve the tension around the discs.

Then during a 90 minute session with Nanci, the feeling came rushing back. Before beginning the massage therapy, Nanci asked probing questions about my pain and numbness, looked over my posture then began her massage. She took time to understand my history and my physical posture. It seemed odd that when she started, she didn’t go straight to the points of pain, but within 30 minutes I could feel a significant difference. By the time she was actually massaging the shoulder, arm and hand the pain had diminished significantly. What was most comforting for me was that I knew the discs quit pinching my nerves and it was not because of the doctor and not because of the physical therapist; the pinched nerves were cured by Nanci.

As an avid cyclist, soccer player and mountain climber, Nanci got my body aligned so well that I am back doing what I love. Praise and accolades for Nanci’s knowledge and ability; she put me back in the saddle, back on the soccer field, back on the mountain and back into a fun and productive lifestyle.