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posted Feb 14, 2010, 8:30 AM by Nanci Williams   [ updated Jul 4, 2013, 1:55 PM ]

"I wanted to tell you how excited I am with the last treatment.  My scar has not only flattened and less obvious, but my interior movement is so much better!  I wasn't aware just how much until I was doing my floor exercises yesterday and realized the crunches and side twists came easily for once in my lifetime!  I don't have the 'restricted' feeling that held me back from full movement.  I thank you for your time and energy on this area.  Looking forward to continuing the work."

Sallie Paulson, Greater Portland Metro region, Oregon, 7/4/2010

"How about you're the best. The only person to help me after my hip replacement. AWESOME"   
J.D.  Greater Portland Metro region, Oregon 5/6/2010

Nanci--You are so deeply perceptive and intuitive as you address my every ‘ache and pain’.  You ‘see’ so much as you feel and massage and you have taught me so much about my own body--how to keep it healthy.  You are fabulous--amazing--awesome!!  When can we do it again??”

Joyce, Greater Portland Metro region, Oregon 4/2010

"Nanci has an amazing touch!  She blends her loving energy work with her incredible knowledge of physiology and anatomy.  She knows right where to go on the body and how to work out the stiffness, inflammation, and tenderness.  She seamlessly incorporates a variety of techniques depending on the need at the time.  She has made a dramatic difference for me with lower back pain, hip pain and release of tightness and tenderness in my legs.  I am so grateful!!!"

Nadine, Greater Portland Metro region, Oregon 4/2010

"I had chronic headaches for years. My doctor had given me medicines to help, but nothing did help. During my massage with Nanci, I was able to feel the same headache pain even though she was nowhere near my head!  After a few long massages, I noticed that my headache pains have not come back.  They have not been back now for over 4 months. Per her request, I am now involved in massage and chiropractic work that is helping me in so many ways. Thank you!"
R. K., Corvallis, Oregon 2/2010